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Walter Warlimont

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(1894-1976) Walter Warlimont finished World War II as a General of Artillery (lieutenant general equivalent) in the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht operations staff, assisting Alfred Jodl. He was sentenced to life in the High Command Case (NMT), but released 1957

After service in the First World War, he joined a Freikorps, but remained in the Reichswehr and enterge general staff training in 1922.

He was a military adviser in the Speanish Civil War, and then returned to Germany to command an artillery regiment. In 1938, he headed the Home Defense section of the War Ministry, and then went to work for Jodl.


In his memoirs, he speaks of great friction between OKW and the OKH Army staff, compounded by Adolf Hitler's micromanagement and distrust of generals. During the Sudenten crisis, Warlimont was considered as a replacement for Jodl, and found even more friction. [1]

Warlimont was injured by the bomb set by Claus von Stauffenberg in the 1944 assassination attempt against Hitler.


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