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Vancouver is a city in Canada located on the Pacific coast, at the mouth of the Fraser River, in the province of British Columbia.


It is Canada's third most populous city, after Toronto and Montreal. The population of the city of Vancouver is 611,869, while the population of the metropolitan region, known as the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) or Metro Vancouver, is 2,249,725 (2007 estimate).[1]

2010 Olympics

The city will host the 2010 Olympics.


Its current mayor is Sam Sullivan, who is a quadriplegic.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a major urban park located in the city's west end. Visitors can walk around the park via the seawall, affording spectacular views of the harbour.

Expo 86

Vancouver hosted the 1986 world's fair. Several major structures remain, including Canada Place on Burrard Inlet. Most of the fairground land on False Creek was converted for residential development.


The city's light rail system, Skytrain, is being expanded in time for the Olympics. Commuters use the Seabus ferry service across Burrard Inlet to travel between North Vancouver and downtown, or the iconic Lions Gate Bridge if travelling by bus or car. Small water taxis are available in the summer to transport visitors across False Creek, including to Granville Island.

Professional sports

The city is home to the Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League, and the Canadian Football League's B.C. Lions.


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