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This article is about the Spanish autonomous community of Valencia. For other uses of the term Valencia, please see Valencia (disambiguation).

The Valencian Country or the Valencian Community (official names[1]), also called València or Valencia (unofficial names) (Catalan: País Valencià, Comunitat Valenciana, València; Spanish: País Valenciano, Comunidad Valenciana, Valencia) is a historical region and an autonomous community belonging politically to Spain and culturally to the Catalan Countries. Its capital is the city of València. It has 4 806 908 inhabitants (2006) on an area of 22 826 km².

It comprises the three provinces of Castelló de la Plana, València and Alacant.

The two traditional languages are Catalan—generally called Valencian—in the majority of the territory and Spanish in some peripherical areas located in the West and in the South. Both languages are official within the autonomous community, Spanish being also the official language of the whole Spanish state.