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Cherokee Language Article

Hi - as far as I know, Citizendium is an English-only wiki at the moment so you're not supposed to upload articles in a language wot ain't English. This hasn't stopped people doing this, of course. I suggest for now that you work in English on pages like Cherokee language, either from scratch or by uploading and editing the Wikipedia version. And welcome to the wiki. John Stephenson 00:37, 2 March 2007 (CST)

Hi Jeff. John is correct. Although I can appreciate the hard work that must have gone into the Cherokee language articles, and can imagine how they would benefit Cherokee speakers, they regrettably cannot be uploaded at this point. As discussed at the FAQ, the Citizendium Pilot cannot yet be in languages other than English. This is largely do to simple practical considerations, such as server space, funding, and personnel. However, please don't lose heart or patience. The public launch is soon forthcoming. At some point after it, you may lobby for a Cherokee language Citizendium. Regards, Stephen Ewen 00:40, 2 March 2007 (CST)
Thanks for your courteous response. I am impressed with the progress made in such a short time. I will check back in now and again and see how the site is progressing. Jmerkey 02:11, 2 March 2007 (CST)

CZ International

Hi! I’m just letting people who have expressed an interest in CZ International know that there is now a proposal on the table.

Please discuss its feasibility at: CZ:Proposals/Internationalisation sandbox in the Discussion area.

Feel free to help develop the proposal, as well.

We'll also need "drivers".

If you've got no idea what I'm talking about, please refer to: CZ:Proposals/New and CZ:Proposals

Aleta Curry 18:05, 14 February 2008 (CST)