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Chemist. Interested in science, development and education. Currently performing Ph.D studies on photocatalysis and materials science at Hokkaido University, Japan.

Something about me

As a common person, with a lot of interests, I am very fond of literature, cinema, music and science. Not an expert, of course, but with lots of energy to share and help. Recently, I have moved to UBUNTU environment aiming to expand the open source according to its motto: "free as in freedom". Willing to accept responsibilities and challenges as well as hard work where there is need. I am not so serious person as I look here, but I prefer to describe myself in a plain and honest way rather than showing any arrogance and misrespect towards others. I would like to help translating the pages into Spanish, my mother language, thereby spreading the Citizendium spirit more extensively to more citizens. According to the free nature of knowledge and sharing.