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I'm an evolutionary ecologist that uses microbial organisms to test ecological and evolutionary hypotheses. Mostly I work with bacteriophages, but I also use bacteria and nematodes. Currently I am an assistant professor in the Biology Department at Queen's College, City University of New York.


CLARK UNIVERSITY, Worcester, MA Ph.D. Biology (2003) (Supervised by Dr. Todd Livdahl)

UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO, Moscow, ID M.S. Zoology (1997) (Supervised by Dr. John Byers)

MERRIMACK COLLEGE, N. Andover, MA B.A. Biology (1995) (Supervised by Dr. Larry Kelts)

Teaching and Research Experience

2007-present Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Queens College, CUNY

2006-2007. Postdoctoral Associate (Mentor: Ing-Nang Wang), University of Albany

2003-2006 Postdoctoral Fellow (Mentor: Paul Turner), Yale University

2001-2002 Biology Instructor: Addison-Wesley Tutor Center, Boston, MA

1997-2002 Teaching Assistant: Clark University

1995-1997 Teaching Assistant: University of Idaho

1995 Research Assistant: Behring Diagnostics, Westwood, MA

1995 Environmental Ed. Intern: Long Lake Conservation Center, Palisade, MN

1994-1995 Microbiologist: Morton International Co., N. Andover, MA


Dennehy, J.J. & Abedon, S.T. Turner, P.E. 2007. Habitat structure, host density, and the strength of selection on phage genotypes. (In press: Evolution).

Dennehy, J.J., Friedenberg N., Yang, Y. & Turner, P.E. 2007. Virus population extinction via ecological traps. Ecology Letters 10: 230-237. (Subject of Science Times article by Carl Zimmer).

Monello, R.J., Dennehy, J.J., Murray, D. & Wirsing A. J. 2006. Species differences among native ranids in coping with an exotic invader, the bullfrog Rana catesbeiana. Journal of Herpetology 40: 403-407

Dennehy, J.J., Yang, Y., Friedenberg N. & Turner, P.E. 2006. Bacteriophage migration via nematode vectors: host-parasite-consumer interactions in laboratory microcosms. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 72: 1974-1979. (Recommended Paper: Faculty of 1000).

Dennehy, J.J., Friedenberg, N. Holt, R.D. & Turner, P.E. 2006. Viral ecology and the maintenance of novel host use. The American Naturalist 167: 429-439. (Recommended Paper: Faculty of 1000).

Evans, M. and Dennehy, J.J. 2005. Germ Banking: Bet hedging and variable release from egg and seed dormancy. Quarterly Review of Biology 80: 431-451.

Dennehy, J.J. & Turner, P.E. 2004. Reduced fecundity is the cost of cheating in RNA virus Φ6. Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences 271: 2275-2282.

Dennehy, J.J. & Livdahl, T. 2004. Polymorphic foraging behavior among Caenorhabditis elegans. Frequency- and density-dependent selection. Journal of Nematology 36: 276-280.

Dennehy, J.J. Robakiewicz, P. and Livdahl, T. 2001. Larval rearing conditions affect kin-mediated cannibalism in a treehole mosquito. Oikos 95: 335-339.

Dennehy, J.J. 2001. Influence of social dominance rank on diet quality of pronghorn females. Behavioral Ecology 12: 177-181.

Dennehy, J.J. and Livdahl, T. 1999. First record of Toxorhynchites rutilus (Diptera: culicidae) in Massachusetts. Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 15: 24-25.

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