Upper Canada College

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Upper Canada College (UCC) is a private elementary and secondary school for boys in downtown Toronto, in Canada. It is the oldest independent school in Ontario and is often described as the most prestigious preparatory school in Canada.

Founded in 1829 by Sir John Colborne as a feeder school to the University of Toronto (then known as King's College), UCC is an International Baccalaureate school.

The school occupies a 17-hectare campus in Deer Park, north of Avenue Road and St Clair Avenue, in the neighbourhood of Forest Hill. The Upper School (secondary school component) is divided into ten houses. Seaton's and Wedd's are boarding houses, while Bremner's, Howard's, Jackson's, Martland's, McHugh's, Mowbray's, Orr's, and Scadding's are day houses. The houses compete in an annual intramural competition for the Prefects' Cup.