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The United Kingdom Intelligence Community (IC) is the set of intelligence agencies of Her Majesty's Government, under increasingly centralized control after several reorganizations, the most recent in 2009.[1] It is less complex than the United States intelligence community although still having worldwide responsibility.

Central Intelligence Machinery

Administratively placed in the Cabinet Office (UK) is the directing organization.

Member rganizations

The community consists of three civilian Agencies, the Defence Intelligence Staff that coordinates the various military intelligence services, the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC), and the central intelligence machinery.


  1. Secret Intelligence Service, with principal responsibility for human-source intelligence
  2. Government Communications Headquarters, responsible for signals intelligence
  3. Security Service (MI5), focused on counterintelligence

Defense Intelligence Staff

  • Collection
    • HQ ICG: Headquarters Intelligence Collection Group
    • DHO: Defence HUMINT Organisation
    • DGC: Defence Geographic Centre
    • JARIC: The National Imagery Exploitation Centre
    • JAGO: Joint Aeronautical and Geospatial Organisation
    • JSSO: Joint Service Signals Organisation
  • Production and analysis
  • Counterintelligence
    • Defence Equipment & Support Principal Security Advisor (DE&S PSyA)

Other organizations

Senior-level analysis is under the Joint Intelligence Committee.

Financial intelligence is probably a Treasury responsibility.

As of 2007, there is a Office of Security and CounterTerrorism in the Home Office.