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USS Charleston (LKA-113)

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USS Charleston (LKA-113)
Laid down: 5 December 1966
Launched: 2 December 1967
Commissioned: 14 December 1968
Decommissioned: 27 April 1992
Fate: In reserve at Philadelphia, PA (as of 5/07)
General Characteristics
Displacement: 10,455 tons light,
19,323 tons full
Length: 575 ft 6 in
Beam: 82 ft
Draft: 25 ft 5 in
Propulsion: Automated steam turbine, 1 propeller, 22,000 SHP
Speed: 20 knots
Complement: 35 officers, 355 enlisted
Armament: 4 × twin 3"/50 rapid fire gun mounts
Boats: 4 × LCM-8, 4 × LCM-6,
2 × LCVP, 2 × LCPL

USS Charleston (LKA-113) was an amphibious cargo ship named after Charleston, South Carolina and Charleston, West Virginia. She was the lead ship of a five vessel class of amphibious cargo ships, all equipped with a helicopter landing area on the stern. Charleston served as a commissioned ship for 23 years and 4 months, earning eight awards and campaign ribbons for her service.

Charleston was laid down as AKA-113 at Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., Newport News, VA, and was launched on 2 December 1967. She was commissioned on 14 December 1968, and was redesignated as LKA-113 on 1 January 1969.

Charleston was involved in the Vietnam War. Among other activities, she participated in the Vietnamese Counteroffensive-Phase VII Campaign from 4 to 8 April 1971.

Decommissioned 1992, she was mothballed at Portsmouth, Virginia. As of 30 July 2001, she was inactive, out of commission, in reserve, and berthed at the Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility in Philadelphia.

There is no DANFS entry for the ship.

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