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A collection of images about Thylakoid.

Links to online images of thylakoids

The Internet has numerous images of thylakoids, the following of particular instructive value. Right-click these links and open in new tab in order to save this page's current tab for rapid return here to click on another link:
  • Schematic of isolated thylakoid granum with associated membrane components, annotated
    • Schematic cross-section of a granum thylakoid disk, the uppermost and lowermost thylakoids are stromal thylakoids (lamellae), containing photosystem I. The granum thylakoids contain photosystem II, as shown. The schematic does not show how the lumens of the granum thylakoids are interconnected, orinterconnected with the stromal thylakoids, forming one continuous lumen for the entire thylakoid network.
  • Tomographic Sections of a Chloroplast
    • (A) A low magnification overview. Grana (G) are interconnected by multiple stroma thylakoids (SL).(B) A close-up of a granum-stroma assembly. The stroma lamellae, shown in different colors, intersect the granum body in multiple, approximately parallel, planes.(C) Tomographic slice of a granum-stroma lamellae ensemble taken in a direction roughly parallel to the plane of the grana layers.