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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about The Faerie Queene.
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Parent topics

  • Poetry [r]: A form of literary work which uses rhythm, metre, and sound elements (such as assonance or dissonance) to structure, amplify, and in some instances supplant the literal meanings of words. [e]
  • Epic [r]: A type of poem, usually describing the heroic exploits of a character with a narrative story important to the culture and history of a people. [e]
  • Allegory [r]: A fictional narrative device or genre whereby a hidden or secondary meaning is found behind the literal story line. [e]
  • Edmund Spenser [r]: (1552 ? -1599), English poet, known particularly for his incomplete allegorical epic The Faerie Queene. [e] -->

Other related topics

  • Arthurian legend [r]: Traditional and literary stories about Arthur, said to have been a king in Britain some time before the 10th century, who may or may not have been a historical figure. [e]