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Talk:World War II, air war, European Theater strategic operations

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 Definition Strategic bombing and offensive counter-air in the European theater of WWII, both initiated by the Axis and the Allies [d] [e]

Still needs work

Anyone especially knowledgeable about U.K. thinking? I can fill in some, but at present, even after moving some text, there is an overemphasis on U.S. politics, plans, and activity.

A good summary of bombing in 1945 is needed; some of the city bombing was producing diminishing returns. The line between strategic bombing by heavy bombers flying from Britain, and battlefield air interdiction by lighter aircraft operating from fields on the Continent, also blurred.

Howard C. Berkowitz 20:18, 6 September 2008 (CDT)

Very little on German bombing

The statement about German bombing being ineffective needs some qualification. Large areas of British towns were devastated, but not always with much strategic effect. In Plymouth, Devon the naval dockyard was not put out of operation, but the city centre was flattened. There, in Sheffield and elsewhere, many bombsites have only recently been redeveloped. The defenders of Sheffield thought it worth their while to create out on the moors a simulation of the appearance of a city at night - or so I have been told. --Martin Wyatt 19:16, 17 March 2014 (UTC)