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I'm baffled. I created Scientology (the philosophy), Larry Sanger renamed its content to Scientology (theory). The reason I used (the philosophy) is that we have workgroup for such subjects within philosophy, the subject is readily catagorized with people likely to be conversent in the area which the subject addresses. Also, Hubbard called it a philosophy and the organization he entrusted it to, the Church of Scientology, calls that body of literature (about 40 million words), a philosophy, [1] Google search says philosophy [2] Now what? Terry E. Olsen 12:42, 1 May 2007 (CDT)

Scientology, philosophy or theory

Should Scientology (the philosophy) be titled Scientology (theory)?

Here are some uses of the phrase, "the philosophy of scientology" (phrase in quotes for the search) from a google search of the phrase - 6500 hits [3]

  • News identifies scientology as a philosophy:

"The Rev. John Carmichael is bringing the philosophy of Scientology .." from [4] Item #5

"the aims of the philosophy of Scientology" from [5] 30 Apr 2007, 3rd paragraph:

  • Critics say it is a philosophy:

"To dismiss the philosophy of Scientology as a complete fraud is dangerous" from [6] (near bottom, under "What can we do about it?"

  • Splinter groups identify it as a philosophy:PDF format
  • Medical articles call it a philosophy: "the Philosophy of Scientology"[7] (lower 1/10 of the article)

Some degreed scholars and learned university experts were asked their opinion about the religion that disseminates the philosophy. [8] One of those, Mr. Fumio Sawada, Eighth Holder of the secrets of Yuitsu Shinto publishes The relationship between Scientology and other religions; [9], comparing it to Buddhism as instigated by Guatama Siddhartha Buddha and spells out how knowledge plays a central role in it. Terry E. Olsen 17:05, 1 May 2007 (CDT)