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I was raised Eureka, California which serves as a center for harvesting timber, and lived accross the street from a First Baptist Church that I was active in. It served as a social center and supported a Boy Scout Troop that I enjoyed being part of. As I entered my professional career, I begin to take courses at a Church of Scientology. I am not an expert in anything, really, but know some of the forces that brought computers to our desktops and know, and can reference, a fair amount of the Scientology literature. I consider myself to be a scientologist.

Short Bio

I graduated high school, completed some college and served three years in the U.S. Army. I taught electronics and was honorably discharged. Afterward, I worked in the electronics industry in the San Francisco Bay area. In addition to electronics I've worked as an apartment manager, a shopping center's maintenance manager and a housepainter.

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Actively worked on articles: Scientology, Scientology (disambiguation), Scientology (the philosophy), Scientology (theory), Scientology (the religion), Church of Scientology.

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