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 Definition Rain gardens functions like native forests to slow, soak up, and filter polluted urban runoff from downspouts, driveways, parking lots and other hard surfaces. [d] [e]
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Help Needed

I've posted a few pictures of rain gardens on the Gallery page of this article, using the stock format. I would like to adjust the verticals on these to more closely fit the pictures, but I haven't a clue how to do that. Roger A. Lohmann (talk) 23:53, 11 October 2020 (UTC)

Hi Roger! The "manual" for the Gallery template is at Template:Gallery. It's a little cryptic but you might be able to figure things out just looking at the examples. I think you have to thumbnail those images to get them to behave. If you still need help, holler on my Talk page and I'll have a look.Pat Palmer (talk) 18:53, 12 October 2020 (UTC)