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 Definition An unarmed combat sport of Japanese origin in which a contestant uses holds and leverage to unbalance their opponent. [d] [e]

Making the article representative of judo in reality

When comparing CZ with WP, I would like to see this article be more representative of what judo is really like in training and competion. For example, I would like there to be mention that standing technique is usually trained much more than ground technique, that joint locks that are illegal in competition are seldom, if ever, trained in most dojos, that strikes are rarely, if ever, trained, and that kata usually doesn't play a large role in most competitive judoka's training. Yes, I understand that judo "has" many techniques, and that in theory all judoka should be doing kata, but realistically, this is not the case. It'd be nice to see the judo article (and all martial arts articles, for that matter) to be representative of reality. Andrew Chong 14:35, 31 July 2007 (CDT)