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Talk:Historical Jesus

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 Definition As distinct from the Jesus of Christian faith, the Jesus described by critically-aware historical studies. [d] [e]

Other deities

Could someone please give some real sources (and facts) for this page? I'm laughing here. For example the following needs one: "(e.g. Mithras, Apollo, Attis, Horus, Osiris-Dionysus) who experienced virgin birth and / or resurrection from the dead"

Mithras was born from a rock and Isis was impregnated by Horus with his golden phallus and thus no virgin birth for Horus. Also, Mithras would have had to die before he could get resurrected. Not going to hold my breath waiting for the sources. Don't let the Jesus-mythers run amok here. Olli Juhani Markkanen 18:18, 7 February 2011 (UTC)