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 Definition Functional or performance features intended to assist the computing technique of virtualization, and implemented in processor hardware [d] [e]

Importing from WP

Rather immediately, I found some significant things to change. The IBM System/370 wasn't the first IBM machine with hardware virtualization. That honor went to the System/360 Model 67, a variant of the Model 65 that had additional support for virtual memory. Arguably, the "undocumented" DIAG instruction was a paravirtualization feature on the general System/360, the meaning of which colleagues and I sneaked out of the field engineering microfiche, and used to do essential things such as ripple the lights on the console and ring the computer's very loud emergency bell. This was around 1973.

This is my first WP import in quite a while, which I did to accelerate work on virtualization, which, in turn, is something I must extend to support new article development in cloud computing. Clearly, it's not about a pop diva, but cloud computing might be considered the Lady Gaga of enterprise computer support as far as information system managers are concerned. Howard C. Berkowitz 21:21, 28 February 2010 (UTC)