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 Definition Any edible substance ingested (eaten) by living creatures for the purpose of obtaining energy and nutrients and so sustaining life. [d] [e]

Human beings and experience?

In a house of 11 cats and 4 dogs, may I assure you that other species have developed eating rituals, often involving human beings? Howard C. Berkowitz 19:33, 30 September 2008 (CDT)

Who're you tellin'? It's just that the biologists have convinced me that my animals are wierd, and that most other critters just *eat*.
My food stories about Lucas, my late great cat, people simply do not believe. They think that because I'm a writer, I'm making it all up.
High on my list of current food stories is my old neuter. He sat by his bowl, looking down at his food hesitantly. 'What's the *matter*, Spot?' exclaimed his idiotic mother. 'It's chicken--you like this...' continued she, holding out a morsel in front of his muzzle. (We'll just skip the part where people ask me why I was feeding my dog human-quality chicken, shall we?) At any rate, Spot gingerly accepted the meat fragment, licked his lips, and sat quietly, looking distressed.
'What's *wrong*, Spotty?' asked Mrs Curry again. (Dog thumps tail, looks up weakly and pleadingly.)
(Getting down on all fours) 'What's the matter, little fella? Aren't you feeling well?' (removes another succulent piece from bowl, holds it in front of canine's nose. Canine picks it up daintily, chews and swallows, and looks up expectantly.)
I won't tell you how embarrassingly long it took me to figure out that the little sh** was training me to hand feed him!
Aleta Curry 23:56, 30 September 2008 (CDT)