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 Definition A 16th-century Tudor mansion badly damaged by fire in 1793. The ruins have been open to the public since the early 20th century. [d] [e]
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With the Approval process for Pompeii drawing to a close, I thought I'd try something different. Cowdray House has an interesting history, but one which is quite short. The change overs of ownership were usually uneventful as it was a simple matter of inheritance, though there were some royal visits in the 16th century. Arguably the defining event was the fire of 1793, after which the house was never restored to a habitable condition. There's not an awful lot to say, but hopefully the article covers the main points. Fortunately, the Goodall and Woodburn & Guy articles are freely available online (linked in the bibliography) so people can see for themselves more about the house. Richard Nevell 21:08, 13 February 2013 (UTC)