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 Definition How fast the execution time (or memory usage) increases as the data set to be processed grows. [d] [e]

This pseudocode

Procedure: BubbleSort(List[])


   For i = 0 to List.Size-1
      For j = i+1 to List.Size-1


I don't think this works at all.

I would write the pseudo-code more like this:

Procedure: BubbleSort(List[])
Inputs: List[] - A list of numbers
   Do until sorted
      For k = FirstElement to SecondToLastElement
         If List[k] > List[k+1], Then
            Swap List[k] and List[k+1]
         End If
      Next k
      If SwapsDone then Sorted=false else Sorted=true

It's still quite easy to see the complexity is quadratic, since at least one element bubbles into place each turn, exactly one in the worst case.

Ragnar Schroder 15:40, 15 November 2007 (CST)