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A list of key readings about Second Bank of the United States.
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Secondary sources

  • Bodenhorn, Howard. A History of Banking in Antebellum America: Financial Markets and Economic Development in an Era of Nation-Building (2000). Stresses how all banks promoted faster growth in all regions.
  • Ralph C. H. Catterall. The Second Bank of the United States 1902
  • Costello, Shannon Marie. "Jackson Is My Kind of Man" (2006). Memoir. Pro-Jackson.
  • Daniel Feller, "The bank war," in Julian E. Zelizer, ed. The American Congress (2004), pp 93-111.
  • Hammond, Bray. "Jackson, Biddle, and the Bank of the United States," The Journal of Economic History, Vol. 7, No. 1 (May, 1947), pp. 1-23 at JSTOR
  • Hammond, Bray. Banks and Politics in America from the Revolution to the Civil War (1957). Pulitzer prize winner; the standard history. Pro-Bank
  • Hammond, Bray. "The Second Bank of the United States. Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, New Ser., Vol. 43, No. 1 (1953), pp. 80-85 in JSTOR
  • Ratner, Sidney, James H. Soltow, and Richard Sylla. The Evolution of the American Economy: Growth, Welfare, and Decision Making. (1993)
  • Remini Robert V. Andrew Jackson and the Bank War: A Study in the Growth of Presidential Power (1967). Pro-Jackson.
  • Schlesinger, Arthur Meier Jr. Age of Jackson (1946). Pulitzer prize winning intellectual history; strongly pro-Jackson.
  • Schweikart, Larry. Banking in the American South from the Age of Jackson to Reconstruction (1987)
  • Taylor; George Rogers, ed. Jackson Versus Biddle: The Struggle over the Second Bank of the United States (1949). Primary and secondary sources.
  • Temin, Peter. The Jacksonian Economy (1969)
  • Wilburn, Jean Alexander. Biddle's Bank: The Crucial Years (1967). Narrative history, pro-Bank.
  • Wilentz Sean. The Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln (2005). Pro-Jackson.

Primary sources

  • McGrane, Reginald C. Ed. The Correspondence of Nicholas Biddle (1919)