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A list of key readings about Renaissance.
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Scholarly studies

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Primary sources

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  • Encyclopædia Britannica 1911 text about the Renaissance (public domain)

Prominent scholars

Prominent scholars include the following presidents of the Renaissance Society of America: ( * Deceased)

Michael J.B. Allen (2006-2008); Jessie Ann Owens (2004-2006); Ronald G. Witt, (2002-2004); Patricia Fortini Brown (2000-2002); John W. O'Malley, S.J. (1998-2000); Barbara C. Bowen (1996-1998); Nancy Siraisi (1994-1996); Paul Grendler (1992-1994); Louise George Clubb (1991); *Howard M. Brown (1990); Gene Brucker (1989); *O.B. Hardison, Jr. (1988); *J. Kelley Sowards (1987); Elizabeth Eisenstein (1986); Wallace MacCaffrey (1985); *Roland Mushat Frye (1984); *Phyllis Pray Bober (1983); *Thomas M. Greene (1982); *H. W. Janson (1981); *F. Edward Cranz (1980); *Louis L. Martz (1979); *Felix Gilbert (1978); *Rensselaer W. Lee (1977); *William Nelson (1976); *Charles Trinkaus (1973-1975); *Gustave Reese (1971-1972); *Matthias A. Shaaber (1969-1970); *Phyllis W.G. Gordan (1967-1968); *Wallace K. Ferguson (1965-1966); *Josephine Waters Bennett (1963-1964); *Curt F. Buhler (1961-1962); *W. G. Constable (1959-1960); *Paul Oskar Kristeller (1957-1958); *John H. Randall, Jr. (1954-1956)