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A list of key readings about Mathematical biology.
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  • Berret, Bastien; Christian Darlot & Frédéric Jean et al. (2008), "The Inactivation Principle: Mathematical Solutions Minimizing the Absolute Work and Biological Implications for the Planning of Arm Movements", PLoS Computational Biology 4: e1000194, DOI:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000194
A nice example of how biological and mathematical research may intertwine at times
  • de Vries G, Hillen T. (2008) Teaching Mathematical Biology in a Summer School for Undergraduates. Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems Volume II, Chapter 32, pages 369-377. | Serves as an introduction to the discipline of mathematical biology as taught in one undergraduate setting.
    • Our summer school…teaches the following applied math skills in the context of mathematical biology: theory, modelling, analysis, computation, data fitting, and prediction.