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Liverpool Football Club

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Liverpool Football Club is an association football (soccer) club based in Liverpool which competes in the English FA Premier League. In terms of trophies won, Liverpool is the most successful club in English football. The team plays in an all-red kit and is often nicknamed simply "The Reds", though other, rarer, nicknames exist such as "Super Reds".[1]

Liverpool was founded after Everton, which was then based at Anfield Stadium, was split by a faction fight at board level over the proposed purchase of the freehold at Anfield. One faction, retaining the club's name and players, quit Anfield and moved across Stanley Park to establish a new home at Goodison Park. The other faction, which owned Anfield, decided to establish a new club there and this was called Liverpool FC. The new club joined the Lancashire League prior to the 1892–93 season and was elected to the Football League in 1893. Liverpool began in the Second Division and was promoted to the First Division the following season.

Although there is a proposal to relocate to a new purpose-built stadium elsewhere in the city, Liverpool in 2010 is still based at Anfield which has a current capacity of 45,400 seats. The crest of the club has the Liver Bird, the symbol of the city of Liverpool, beneath the words You'll Never Walk Alone, the Rodgers and Hammerstein song which was adopted as the club's anthem in the 1960s.


Among Liverpool's successes are five European Cup titles, the most by any British team, and 18 English championship titles, second only to Manchester United. They have also won eight league cups. Their last major trophy was the F.A. Cup in 2005.


Liverpool dominated English football for long periods during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, largely through the work of successive outstanding team managers Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan and cuurent manager Kenny Dalglish, who returned to the helm 20 years after resigning, which incidentally was the last time they won the League.


Among the club's greatest players have been Billy Liddell, Ian St John, Tommy Smith, Ray Clemence, Phil Neal, Kevin Keegan, Dalglish, Graeme Souness, Alan Hansen, Ian Rush and Steven Gerrard.


In 2007, Liverpool broke its club transfer fee record in a deal worth around £20 million to sign Fernando Torres from Atletico Madrid. It was then broken again twice on deadline day 2011, first with the transfer of the Uruguayan player Luis Suarez from Ajax for £22 million and again with English player Andy Carroll from Newcastle United for £35 million. This was the British club transfer record, but only for around an hour, as their previous record signing, Fernando Torres, was sold to Chelsea F.C. for the current British transfer record of £50 million.


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