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Kola Boof (b. 1968) is an author and former model, who was born in wartime Sudan, orphaned, and adopted by an Ameican family.[1][2]

In 2002, Boof initially denied reports by The Guardian that she was a former lover of Osama bin Laden, but later offered her own account of living as an involuntary concubine to bin Laden, for six months, in 1996, in Marrakesh, Morocco.[1]

Early life

Boof's father was an Egyptian Arab, her mother a Somalia girl, however, since she was born in the Sudan she considers herself Sudanese.[1] Her father was politically active, and was disowned by his Egyptian family, hence his move to Sudan. She was six years old when she was orphaned. She describes the family that adopted her and eight other children raising her in poverty, in Washington D.C.. As a teenager she competed in a beauty pageant and describes becoming the mistress of one of the pageant's judges. Boof became a model.

Boof's account of her relationship with Osama bin Laden

According to Boof she had a creepy feeling about Osama bin Laden, when she first met him, congratulated herself that none of his bodyguards had followed her home, only to find that she had been followed, and that bin Laden had chosen her as a concubine.[1] She describes their first sexual encounter as a rape. But, citing the example of Patty Hearst she objects to being described as a "sex slave". She points out that Parry Hearst was raped, and held captives, but she is never described as a "sex slave".

According to Boof, Osama bin Laden was obsessed with American singer Whitney Houston.[1] According to Boof, Osama bin Laden routinely smoked cannabis. According to Boof, even though conservative muslims frown on pornography, Osama bin Laden carried around Playboy magazines. Boof says bin Laden wanted her to wear her hair like Whitney Houston's; said that Houston looked inherently Islamic, and had been brainwashed by Ameican culture, and by her husband Bobby Brown; that Houston was the only black woman he had considered marrying; that he had considered having Bobby Brown assassinated.

She describes being allowed to go free when bin Laden tired of her, and that they parted with substantial gifts.[1] She claims her account of the involuntary nature of her time with Bin Laden had been confirmed by


In addition to he 2006 memoirs, "Diary of a lost girl" Boof has written several novels.[3] Boof also wrote for several American soap operas.

2011 The Sexy Part of the Bible Akashic
2010 Virgins In the Beehive Atlantic Library
2006 Diary of a Lost Girl
2004 Flesh and the Devil
2004 Long Train to the Redeeming Sin
2004 Nile River Woman


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