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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Islamophobia.
See also changes related to Islamophobia, or pages that link to Islamophobia or to this page or whose text contains "Islamophobia".

Parent topics

  • Islam [r]: Religion founded by Muhammad whose sacred book is the Qur'an (Koran). [e]


  • Demagoguery [r]: Using highly polarized speech, addressed to an "ingroup", to incite anger at an "alien" group, in order to gain political power with the ingroup [e]
  • Jihad [r]: Literally meaning "struggle", a Muslim concept that can refer to an inward-directed personal process to submit to God's will, or to an external combat with the enemies of Islam [e]
  • Radical Islamism [r]: From the perspective of Western liberal democracy, the use of both political and violent methods to establish Islamist theocratic rule, either in existing democracies or in emerging states [e]

Politicians focused on the threat of Islam

Journalists focused on the threat of Islam


Incidents and media

  • Juan Williams [r]: American (US) journalist who came to national attention in 2010 following his firing from National Public Radio for controversial remarks. [e]
  • Park51 [r]: Formerly named Cordoba House, and called the Ground Zero Mosque by opponents, a proposed Islamic community center and mosque near the World Trade Center site, although not in line of sight of it [e]

Other related topics