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This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same or a similar title.
intelligence collection and processing activities
  • Developing Article intelligence collection management: Assigning questions to various collection techniques, reflecting the techniques available and the priority of the information need. Includes the process of categorizing information learned for subsequent analysis, and assigning probabilities of accuracy to the raw information [e]
    • Developing Article Human-source intelligence: (HUMINT); the practice of acquiring information through interactions with people who can disclose relevant information, including but not limited to espionage, interrogation, debriefing and elicitation [e] (HUMINT)
    • Developed Article Signals intelligence: the practice of acquiring information through monitoring the electromagnetic signals deliberately trasmitted by an opponent, including communications (COMINT) and non-communications electronics such as radar (ELINT). [e] (SIGINT)
    • Developed Article Measurement and signature intelligence: A variety of intelligence gathering disciplines complementary to the technical "mainstream" of imagery intelligence and signals intelligence. [e] (MASINT)
    • Developing Article Imagery intelligence: the practice of taking and interpreting visible and infrared light photographs and video, radar imagery, and other ways to form pictures of subjects of interest [e] (IMINT)
    • Developing Article Open source intelligence: Obtaining information, to be used in intelligence analysis, from sources available to the public. such as radio and television broadcasts, web sites, books, and similar materials. [e] (OSINT)
    • Developing Article Technical intelligence: Information derived from examination, testing and analysis of foreign equipment and materiel, preferably, but not necessarily, in good working order [e] (TECHINT)
    • Developing Article Medical intelligence: Techniques involved in determining the public health of a country, so the physical characteristics of leaders and workers are understood, as well as local hazards to foreigners entering the country or regions of it [e] (MEDINT)
    • Developing Article Scientific and technical intelligence: In contrast to TECHINT, which is directed to specific materiel, working at a strategic/national level to study foreign materiel, professional publications and presentations, etc., to determine the level of research & development in a country, the manufacturing processes it can use, its priorities for research, etc. [e] (S&TI)
    • Developing Article Financial intelligence: Collecting information on financial transactions (either from the financial institution or by clandestine means) and then analyzing it to determine providers and consumers of money or money equivalents [e] (FININT)
    • Economic intelligence: Understanding the flow of money and money equivalents inside a country, its policies on reinvestment and foreign investment, its resources and production capability, and other matters that will explain the country's capabilities to produce assets for critical needs [e] (ECONINT)
intelligence analysis and use activities
protecting the intelligence process