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Infanticide/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Infanticide.
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Parent topics

  • Demography [r]: The study of the change in the size, density, distribution and composition of human populations over time. [e]
  • Ritual abuse [r]: Repeated physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual assaults, most often on children, combined with a systematic use of symbols, ceremonies, and machinations designed and orchestrated to attain malevolent effects [e]


  • Infant [r]: A child between 1 and 23 months of age. [e]

Other related topics

  • Pediatrics [r]: Branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of infants, children, adolescents, and the treatment of their diseases. [e]
  • Childbirth [r]: The process of delivering a human baby. [e]
  • Abortion [r]: The deliberate expulsion of an embryo or foetus from the womb for the purpose of ending a pregnancy. [e]
  • Futile care [r]: Medical procedure or treatment that cannot achieve its stated goals or produce its expected benefits, regardless of repetition and duration of treatment. [e]
  • Euthanasia [r]: The act of assisting in the death of an animal or patient, often to end suffering for an incurable disease; a painless death; sometimes called a mercy killing which may or may not be legal. [e]