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A list of key readings about Hippocrates.
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  • Jouanna J, Hippocrates. 1999. Hippocrates. Baltimore, MD: John Hopkins University Press ISBN 0801859077
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  • Hippocrates, said to have been born in Cos in or before 460 BCE, learned medicine and philosophy and traveled widely as a medical doctor and teacher. Of the roughly 70 medical treatises collected under his name--the Hippocratic Collection--many are not by him; even the famous Hippocratic Oath (in Volume I of the Loeb edition) may not be his. But he was undeniably the "Father of Medicine." And the treatises in the Hippocratic Collection are essential sources of information about the practice of medicine in antiquity and about Greek theories concerning the human body.
  • In this seventh volume of the ongoing Loeb edition of the Hippocratic Collection, Wesley Smith presents the first modern English translation of Books 2 and 4-7 of the Epidemics (the other two books are already available in the first volume).
  • This is the eighth volume in the Loeb Classical Library®'s edition of these invaluable texts which are essential sources of information about the practice of medicine in antiquity and about Greek theories concerning the human body. Paul Potter presents the Greek text and facing English translation for ten treatises that offer an illuminating overview of Hippocratic medicine.


  • Hippocrates Article in 1902 edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica.("Born of a family of priest-physicians, and inheriting all its traditions and prejudices, Hippocrates was the first to cast superstition aside, and to base the practice of medicine on the principles of inductive philosophy.")
  • Philip C. Grammaticos, Aristidis Diamantis. (2008) Useful known and unknown views of the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates and his teacher Democritus. Hell J Nucl Med 11(1):2-4. PDF.