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Further guidance can be found at the Subpages page.

A full Citizendium article includes a main article page and standard and optional subpages; the entire group is called a cluster.

Some subpages contain additional content on the subject of the article (bibliography, related articles, external links, timelines etc). Others are used for a variety of functions, such as discussing the article content, recording information about approved versions of articles (stable versions which have been checked and approved by an Editor), etc.

The subpage mechanism provides a header on every page or subpage of a cluster which allows easy navigation among the pages of the cluster. In addition, the header on the Talk subpage provides access to additional subpage-related functions.

You might look at the Biology article and its subpages--our "biology cluster"--as an example. The Civil society article also includes many subpages, including Timelines.

SeeCZ:Subpages for more detail, and how to set up subpages.

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