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Gulf of Tonkin incident/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Gulf of Tonkin incident.
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Parent topics

  • Vietnam War [r]: A post-colonial independence/Cold War conflict between communist North Vietnam against South Vietnam, assisted by the United States (1955-1975), to unify Vietnam; won by North Vietnam in 1975. [e]
  • Vietnam, war, and the United States [r]: The interactions of the Vietnam War with United States domestic politics and public opinion, and, in turn, how domestic considerations affected the military situation [e]


  • DESOTO patrol [r]: A code name for operations of U.S. destroyers, in international waters off the Chinese and Vietnamese coasts in the early to mid 1960s, carrying signals intelligence sensors and technicians [e]
  • Gulf of Tonkin resolution [r]: The legislative justification, in response on a Presidential appeal based on questionable evidence, which provided the fundamental authority for large-scale United States combat in the Vietnam War [e]

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