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Parent topics

  • Democracy promotion [r]: Policies, assistance, external organizations and even military action that contribute to the formation of democratic societies in previously authoritarian states; the means for funding such action [e]
  • Totalitarianism [r]: Any political system, or ideologies that support such a system, in which a centralized political authority controls every aspects of life. [e]




The organization accepts grants, but never contracts, from governments.

  • Agency for International Development [r]: U.S. government agency responsible for nonmilitary foreign aid of goods, services, and certain finances, although it does not operate at the highest levels of international finance. May operate assistance and development programs in foreign countries [e]
  • European Union [r]: Political and economic association of 28 European states. [e]
  • Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation [r]: A private American foundation, which provides funding for projects consistent with its Board's view of the Bradley brothers' view of American ideals; associated with many American conservative projects [e]