Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

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Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is a large United States Air Force facility in Arizona, near Tucson. Its "home" unit is the 355th Fighter Wing, which flies the A-10 Thunderbolt II, but there are a large number of tenant units.

The Boneyard

Taking the largest amount of space is what is affectionately called the "boneyard", or Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG), which maintains, in the dry air of the area, over 4000 aircraft both in reserve, and those that will never be in service again, but may be maintained for spare parts or other uses. It also does maintenance on a number of active aircraft.

Other operational units

The base also hosts the headquarters of the Twelfth Air Force.

A unit of EC-130 COMPASS CALL aircraft, located at Davis-Montham, is part of the 55th Wing, Eighth Air Force.

Another unit is the 563rd Rescue Group, specialists in combat search and rescue.