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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Church of Scientology.
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The Church of Scientology contains a large amount of jargon and redefined language, as does debate and discussion online about the topic.

  • ARS stands for alt.religion.scientology, a newsgroup about Scientology which is predominantly used by critics of the Church
  • auditing is a counselling procedure where a trained person listens to and talks with another Scientologist in a formal session, using the E-Meter
  • the Bridge is the path of progression in Scientology, hence The Bridge To Total Freedom
  • an E-Meter is a device used in auditing - the audited person holds two metal cans, while the auditor reads from the display. The E-Meter measures the body's electrical resistance
  • engrams are memories made by the reactive mind of negative events
  • Ethics is a form of discipline within Scientology which critics allege is used on people who do not recruit enough people.
  • Fair Game is a controversial Church policy enacted in 1965 by Hubbard which allows Scientologists to attack, harass, injure or denigrate the person without any discipline. Due to bad PR and reported misuse, Hubbard retracted the policy although critics of Scientology allege that the Fair Game policy is still in effect.
  • Freezone and Freezoners refers to people and organizations who believe in the tenets and practices of Scientology, but have left the Church.
  • MEST is an abbreviation of Matter, Energy, Space and Time - which Scientology believes is a taxonomy of the physical universe.
  • the reactive mind is a negative psychological state supposed by Hubbard, which is the cause of mental and physical problems. Through auditing and the removing of engrams, one is supposed to be able to treat the reactive mind.[1]
  • the Religious Technology Center is the intellectual property owner for many Scientology and Dianetics publications, which fights against misuse by suppressive persons.
  • a suppressive person is someone who is considered by Scientology to be antisocial. This is frequently applied to critics of Scientology.
  • thetans are similar to immortal souls, only Scientology does not believe that the soul and the physical being are dualistic.

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  1. Dianetics: The Parts of the Mind