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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Canine.
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  • Animalier [r]: An artist whose specialty is depicting animals. [e]
  • Dog [r]: Domesticated canine often kept as a pet or as a working animal and known as 'man's best friend'. [e]
  • Great house [r]: A large and stately residence. [e]
  • John Emms [r]: (1844 - 1912) English artist who became famous for equine and canine paintings exhibited at the Royal Academy. [e]
  • Mammal [r]: A warm-blooded animal with a backbone which also has hair, and produces milk to feed its young. [e]
  • Rottweiler [r]: A large breed of dog known for its great physical strength and strong protective instinct. [e]
  • Toy dog [r]: A dog from any of many small breeds; any small dog; also, a popular plush toy. [e]