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The Citizendium Physiology Subgroup
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Affiliation: Health Sciences (Recent changes)| Biology (Recent changes)| [ e ]

This page is used to document the affiliation history of the Physiology Subgroup by workgroup editors.

Affiliation requires the approval of one active editor from each workgroup that is approached. This affiliation must be formalized by adding the workgroup name as one of the A-D parameters of the {{Subgroup}} template at Template:Physiology Subgroup. The editors should document their endorsement on this subpage.

If a Subgroup becomes redundant or inactive two editors from an affiliated workgroup can revoke the affiliation. This too should be documented on this subpage.

I endorse the affiliation of this subgroup to both Health Sciences and Biology workgroups.Gareth Leng 16:08, 5 April 2009 (UTC)