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CZ:How did you hear about CZ?

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So how exactly did you first hear about Citizendium?

Entries below come from two sources.

  1. The constabulary and personnel administrators. As part of the application, people are asked to optionally respond to the question. These are added, omitting identifying details.
  2. YOU! If you did not tell how you heard about CZ in your application, please do add the information below. Don't sign entries.

Tabulating this information helps "keep pulse" on how new entrants enter the community and can inform future recruitment efforts.

Just add your entry into one of the categories below. Create new categories as needed.



  • "on a blog"


  • "It was mentioned on the email listserv for the Society of Personality & Social Psychology, as an alternative to Wikipedia."
  • "through the American Communication Association"
  • "through controversy deal with Wiki validity on a professional library/info science working group called LM_NET."
  • "in a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of Wikipedia on the ARNOVA-L discussion list."
  • "through the ANE-2 elist"


  • "from a Sunday Times Online (UK) article, 'Thinking is so over'".
  • "via an online news article".
  • "while reading an article in US News and World Report digital magazine"
  • "from"
  • "While contributing to an article for NewAssignment.Net."
  • "From a variety of sources, mostly through Yahoo! News."
  • "I read two online articles in c/net in March and April and bookmarked them without sending this registration material in, one and two."


  • "Academic Impressions webinar by Ray Schroeder and Shari McCurdy"
  • "A variety of podcasts charting your progress this year"

Search engine

  • "at"
  • "first through Mashable and then more through various Google searches".
  • "Google News Portuguese service"
  • "I stumbled on a Citizendium article while doing a Google search and liked what I saw." [editor's note: this is exactly what we want to hear --LMS]
  • "At a google wiki search"


  • (3X)
  • The Education Network[1] Australia
  • - the article on Larry Sanger
  • Wikitruth


  • "At Wikipedia" - unspecified (4X)
  • "The Citizendium or Sanger article". (2x)
  • "from people bashing on Wikipedia".
  • "At the Flagged Revisions project on WP, people kept invoking the CZ model."
  • "through discussion with other Wikipedia editors".
  • "on the German Wikipedia site".
  • "on the Wikipedia self article".
  • "in an editorial on Wikipedia'.

Print publication


  • "through reading journal articles on wikis."
  • "in an article about Jimmy Wales in the June 2007 issue of Reason magazine".
  • "the June 4th issue of Information Week."


  • PCMag (7X)
  • Unspecified Brasilian magazine (3X)
  • "PC Pro magazine (UK) (2X)
  • "the July 2007 issue of PC Authority magazine" (New Zealand)
  • "in an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education".
  • "PC World review on Wikis"
  • "the June 4th issue of Information Week."
  • New Scientist magazine article, 31st October 2006 (2X)


  • "Motivated to sign up by a splenetic interview with Andrew Keen in the Sunday Times (London) saying that Wikipedia (which I use constantly and gratefully but carefully) is 'full of mistakes, half-truths and misunderstandings. He had good words for Citizendium."
  • "through Singapore newspapers who tout it as a better alternative to Wikipedia."
  • Wall Street Journal "in an article discussing visitor-supported information internet sites".
  • "from Sunday Times (UK), 3 june 2007"
  • "through a newspaper article which complained about the mediocrity that was tolerated in Wikipedia"
  • The Independent newspaper (UK)
  • "reading in the news"
  • Sydney Morning Herald (2X)

Broadcast media


  • Monte Carlo FM Arabic Radio
  • "on the radio program of R. U. Sirius in San Francisco via web link"
  • On the Irish radio station Today FM, which interviewd Larry.

Recruited by a CZ contributor

After the Pilot

  • by a Citizendium contributor (6X)

Before the Pilot

Word-of-mouth in meatspace


  • "I first heard about Citizendium from a friend who felt very ill when he found that Wikipedia had a page on him."
  • "through a friend after we had done some research and were looking for a scholarly source similar to Wikipedia."
  • "A fellow [national non-profit organization] employee"
  • "I was referred to your site by someone else"


Does NOT include Eduzendium
  • "during a Geography lesson at [high] school"

Other / Unspecified sources

  • "I was researching the current state of wikis for a paper I'm supposed to get ready in a few days and Citizentium popped up several times"
  • "while researching a new chemistry project"
  • "a number of different places both in print media and online".
  • "through the media"
  • "in an editorial on Wikipedia"
  • "I think I heard about Citizendium in the newspaper, but I think I rediscovered it whilst online."
  • "I heard about Citizendium from a guest speaker on a meeting".
  • "I have been made aware of the existence of this project during a lecture at my company."

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