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This policy no longer applies. See Importation of articles.

The Citizendium welcomes imports of high-quality reference material from outside sources, but there are a few guidelines that must be followed as you upload externally sourced material:

  1. All such content must be compatible with the Citizendium's Creative Commons CC-by-sa 3.0 license.
    • If you are the original author and you maintain the copyright to the material in question, you may upload it under the Creative Commons CC-by-sa 3.0 license.
    • If the material you wish to upload has been published elsewhere under a Creative Commons CC-by-sa license, you may upload it. Place a notice on the talk page citing the original source of the material.
    • If the material is in the public domain, you may upload it. You may wish to cite the original source in a notice on the article's talk page so as to avoid any confusion over copyright violations.
    • If the article contains content that originally appeared on Wikipdia, it is licensed under the GFDL license. It is expected that the GFDL and CC-by-sa licenses will soon be made compatible. Until such a time, content published under these two licenses may not be mixed. You may contribute content that has appeared elsewhere under the GFDL license or is in the public domain. Place a notice on the talk page citing the original source of the material.
    • In rare cases, it may be appropriate to upload content that is copyrighted and used at Citizendium by permission of the copyright owner. Check with an editor or constable before you upload such material.
  2. Externally sourced content must meet the Citizendium's neutrality policy.
  3. Material should be modified as necessary to conform to the Citizendium's guidelines regarding article mechanics.
  4. Externally sourced material should meet the Citizendium's expectations of quality and reliability.
    • Don't upload any old thing; make sure that it is of Citizendium level quality before you copy it here.

Personal websites

If you would like to upload material that you have previously published on your own website or any other location, you may do so provided that the material you wish to upload meets the conditions listed above. Please place a notice on the talk page of any article to which you contribute content that has been published elsewhere informing other users where that material was first published and under which terms it appears on Citizendium.


Citizendium articles that began life on Wikipedia are available at Citizendium under the GFDL license. See "How to convert Wikipedia articles to Citizendium articles" for directions on when it is appropriate to use Wikipedia content here and how to do so.

Encyclopedia of Earth

Some material at the Encyclopedia of Earth is available under a Creative Commons CC-by-sa license and may therefore be used on Citizendium. Not all of the articles on that site are so licensed, however. In fact, many are not. Check the bottom of the article for a disclaimer to determine whether the article's contents were first published in a third location; if so, they are not available under a Creative Commons license and may not be used at Citizendium without the express permission of the original creator(s).

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