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The Editorial Council was merged with the Management Council into a single governing body in 2013. All EC rules and decisions were upheld
except where they contradicted the merger. The following links are to archived and out-of-date pages:
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This page contains the official positions of Citizendium Editorial Council Members about Resolution 0001.

The governing rules for discussion are found at Editorial Council Rules of Procedure. The following are reminders.

  • Council Members should place their comments, limited to 600 words maximum, underneath their names on this page. Comments will be ordered based on when they first appeared on this page; new comments should simply be appended to the bottom.
  • Members may edit their comments throughout the discussion period.
  • Each Member will be required to read this page before voting.
  • This page will be closed for editing when voting begins.
  • The closing date for position statements can be found on the resolution page and will be announced on cz-editcouncil, followed by reminders. Note that Members may move to extend discussion.

Member position statements

Larry Sanger

In keeping with usual parliamentary procedure, the Chair will not make a statement.

Supten Sarbadhikari

I am summarizing the comments from the 10 received so far (through emails to Larry).

  1. The exact time allowed for discussion and/or voting may be debated, especially if periods of vacation/festival intervenes.
  2. The exact majority required to pass a resolution may be defined.
  3. Will the discussions end only on the basis of time or some other method may be adopted for more serious concerns?
  4. Whether all the final decisions be taken by a single person (Council Chair or EIC or Chief Constable) or a majority view of 3 designated members?
  5. How to optimize between sufficient amount of discussion and quick implementation?

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