CZ:Biology Workgroup/Biology Week/Pending decisions

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There are a few pending decisions whose outcome will influence how the first CZ:Biology Week will be or can be announced.
These include:

  • CZ-wise
  1. Core Article structure
  2. Disambiguation policy
  3. Original Research Policy
  4. Citability of contributions to CZ as per CZ:Proposals/Citing CZ article by authors and CZ:Proposals/Pilot to allow Citizens to take credit for pages
  5. Policy on frequency and order of CZ:Workgroup Weeks
  6. Bot assistance for fact-picking
  • Biology-wise
  1. Biology Core Articles
  2. Species naming convention
  3. How to structure the Community page article in PLoS Biology - depends on the other decisions
  • On both ends:
  1. Policy on how to integrate newly recruited contributors (see CZ:Recruitment and its talk page)
  2. Policy on how to stimulate collaborative writing on individual articles