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CZ:Anti-vandalism links

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Many of these links may not be usable by non-constables.

Listed below are utility pages, the functions associated with the pages, and what we use those functions to do.

Block user

  • Block IP address, email, or username: basic vandalism response is to block the username; we also block usernames for real names policy enforcement
  • Prevent new account creation given IP, email, or domain: if a vandal might create new accounts, prevent him from doing so by checking "Prevent account creation"

Check user

  • Look up IP addresses given username: when a vandal creates multiple accounts from the same IP address, ban the IP address using Block user; but the first step is to look it up using this tool
  • Look up usernames given an IP address: use this to check if a vandal at a given IP address has created other usernames
  • Get all edits associated with an IP address: use this to see what vandalism from a given IP address needs to be undone

List of blocked IP addresses and usernames

  • Find recent blocks and list contributions: a way to list quickly the "contributions" made by vandals

Move log

  • Lists recently moved pages: use the "revert" link to quickly revert illicitly moved pages, which has been a favorite pastime of vandals

User creation log

  • Lists newly created accounts: an efficient way to scan new accounts, to check for well-formed names, people who haven't yet been welcomed, and review new bios

Block log

  • Lists recently blocked usernames, IP addresses, e-mail addresses, and domains: used to tell which accounts have already been blocked by other constables; useful together with the user creation log

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