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CCGC Samuel Risley

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(CC) Photo: George Swan
CCGC Samuel Risley moored at the foot of Sherbourne Street on September 3, 2008.
(CC) Photo: George Swan
CCGC Samuel Risley moored at the foot of Sherbourne Street on September 3, 2008. Her very large yellow crane is visible between two domed tennis courts.

The CCGC Samuel Risley is a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker and buoy tender assigned to the North American Great Lakes.[1][2]

The Risley is named after a 19th century maritime inspector.

The Risley is a Polar Class 2 vessel, capable of breaking ice up to 2 feet in depth.

Risley is responsible for keeping an ice-free passage between Port Colborne, Ontario and Thunder Bay, Ontario. She also performs Search and Rescue duties. Unlike the United States Coast Guard Canadian Coast Guard vessels are unarmed, and have no military or paramilitary duties.

The vessel has a long low afterdeck, with a large crane for manipulating buoys.

The vessel has a crew of approximately twenty.


officers 9
crew 13
displacement 3400 tons
cruising speed 13 knots
cruising range 10,000 nautical miles
power 6595 Kilowatts
length 69.73 metres
width 13.7 metres
draft 5.2 metres


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