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A list of key readings about British Empire.
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  • Black, Jeremy. The British Seaborne Empire (2004)
  • Brendon, Piers. "A Moral Audit of the British Empire." History Today, (Oct 2007), Vol. 57 Issue 10, pp 44-47, online at EBSCO
  • Bryant, Arthur. The History of Britain and the British Peoples, 3 vols. (1984–90), popular.
  • Cain, P. J. and A.G. Hopkins. British Imperialism, 1688-2000 (2nd ed. 2001), 739pp, detailed economic history that presents the new "gentlemanly capitalists" thesis

Colley, Linda. Captives: Britain, Empire, and the World, 1600-1850 (2004), 464pp [1]

  • Ferguson, Niall. Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power (2002), [2]
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  • Lloyd; T. O. The British Empire, 1558-1995 Oxford University Press, 1996 online edition
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    • vol 1 "The Origins of Empire" ed. by Nicholas Canny
    • vol 2 "The Eighteenth Century" ed. by P. J. Marshall [4]
    • vol 3 The Nineteenth Century edited by William Roger Louis, Alaine M. Low, Andrew Porter; (1998). 780 pgs. online edition, also [5]
    • vol 4 The Twentieth Century edited by Judith M. Brown, (1998). 773 pgs online edition also [6]
    • vol 5 "Historiography" ed, by Robin W. Winks (1999) [7]
  • Marshall, P. J. (ed.), The Cambridge Illustrated History of the British Empire (1996). [8]
  • Robinson, Howard . The Development of the British Empire (1922), 465pp online edition
  • Rose, J. Holland, A. P. Newton and E. A. Benians (gen. eds.), The Cambridge History of the British Empire, 9 vols. (1929–61); vol 1: "The Old Empire from the Beginnings to 1783" 934pp online edition Volume I
  • Smith, Simon C. British Imperialism 1750-1970 (1998). brief

Atlases and reference

  • Bartholomew, John. Atlas of the British empire throughout the world (1868 edition) online 1868 edition; (1877 edition) online 1877 edition, the maps are poorly reproduced
  • Bayly, C. A. ed. Atlas of the British Empire (1989). survey by scholars; heavily illustrated
  • Dalziel, Nigel. The Penguin Historical Atlas of the British Empire (2006), 144 pp excerpts and online search from
  • Faunthorpe, John Pincher. Geography of the British colonies and foreign possessions (1874) online edition
  • Lucas, Charles Prestwood. A Historical Geography of the British Colonies: part 2: West Indies (1890) online edition
  • Lucas, Charles Prestwood. A Historical Geography of the British Colonies: part 4: South and East Africa (1900) online edition
  • Olson, James S. and Robert S. Shadle; Historical Dictionary of the British Empire (1996) online edition
  • Porter, A. N. Atlas of British Overseas Expansion (1994)

Political, economic and intellectual studies

  • Andrews, Kenneth R. Trade, Plunder and Settlement: Maritime Enterprise and the Genesis of the British Empire, 1480–1630 (1984).
  • Armitage, David. The Ideological Origins of the British Empire (2000). online edition
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  • Barker, Sir Ernest, The Ideas and Ideals of the British Empire (1941).
  • Baumgart, W. Imperialism: The Idea and Reality of British and French Colonial Expansion, 1880-1914 (1982)
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  • Blaut, J. M. The Colonizers' Model of the World 1993
  • Cain, P. J. and A.G. Hopkins. British Imperialism, 1688-2000 (2nd ed. 2001), 739pp, detailed economic history that presents the new "gentlemanly capitalists" thesis
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    • Cain, P. J.. and A. G. Hopkins. "Gentlemanly Capitalism and British Expansion Overseas II: New Imperialism, 1850-1945," The Economic History Review Vol. 40, No. 1 (Feb., 1987), pp. 1-26 in JSTOR
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  • Darby, Philip. The Three Faces of Imperialism: British and American Approaches to Asia and Africa, 1870-1970 (1987)
  • Dumett, Raymond E. Gentlemanly Capitalism and British Imperialism: The New Debate on Empire. (1999). 234 pp.
  • Elliott, J.H., Empires of the Atlantic World: Britain and Spain in America 1492-1830 (2006), a major interpretation [9]
  • Gallagher, John, and Ronald Robinson. "The Imperialism of Free Trade" The Economic History Review, Vol. 6, No. 1 (1953), pp. 1-15 in JSTOR, online free at Mt. Holyoke highly influential interpretation in its day
  • Harlow, V. T. The Founding of the Second British Empire, 1763–1793, 2 vols. (1952–64).
  • Heinlein, Frank. British Government Policy and Decolonisation, 1945-1963: Scrutinising the Official Mind (2002). [10]
  • Herbertson, A. J. The Oxford Survey of the British Empire, (1914) online edition
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  • Jackson, Ashley. British Empire and the Second World War (2006)
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  • Louis, William Roger. The British Empire in the Middle East, 1945-1951: Arab Nationalism, the United States, and Postwar Imperialism (1984) online edition
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  • Webster, Anthony. Gentlemen Capitalists: British Imperialism in South East Asia, 1770-1890 (1998) [14]

Social and cultural studies

  • August, Thomas G. The Selling of the Empire: British and French Imperialist Propaganda, 1890-1940 (1985)
  • Bailyn, Bernard, and Philip D. Morgan (eds.), Strangers within the Realm: Cultural Margins of the First British Empire (1991)
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  • Trollope, Joanna. Britannia's Daughters: Women of the British Empire (1983).
  • Wilson, Kathleen. The Island Race: Englishness, Empire, and Gender in the Eighteenth Century (2003).
  • Wilson, Kathleen, ed. A New Imperial History: Culture Identity, and Modernity in Britain and the Empire, 1660–1840 (2004)

Primary sources

  • Board of Education. Educational Systems of the Chief Crown Colonies and Possessions of the British Empire (1905). 340pp online edition
  • Boehmer, Elleke ed. Empire Writing: An Anthology of Colonial Literature, 1870-1918 (1998) online edition
  • Brooks, Chris. and Peter Faulkner (eds.), The White Man's Burdens: An Anthology of British Poetry of the Empire (Exeter UP, 1996).
  • Hall, Catherine. ed. Cultures of Empire: A Reader: Colonizers in Britain and the Empire in the 19th and 20th Centuries (2000) excerpt and text search

Historiography and memory

  • Adams, James Truslow. "On the Term 'British Empire,'" American Historical Review, 22 (1927), 485–9; in JSTOR
  • Barone, Charles A. Marxist Thought on Imperialism: Survey and Critique (1985)
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  • Cannadine, David. Ornamentalism: How the British Saw Their Empire (2002) excerpt and text search
  • Colley, Linda. "What Is Imperial History Now?" in David Cannadine, ed. What Is History Now? (2002), 132–47.
  • Wilson, Kathleen, ed. A New Imperial History: Culture, Identity and Modernity in Britain and the Empire, 1660-1840 (2004). excerpt and text search
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  • Prakash, Gyan. “Writing Post-Orientalist Histories of the Third World: Perspectives from Indian Historiography,” Comparative Studies in Society and History 32, 2 (1990): 383-408 in JSTOR

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