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  • Avogadro's constant [r]: The number of entities (such as atoms, ions, or molecules) per mole; dimension mol−1 [e]
  • Avogadro's number [r]: The number of atoms in 12 gram of carbon-12 atoms in their ground state at rest. [e]
  • Black-body radiation [r]: An object or system which absorbs all radiation incident upon it and re-radiates energy. [e]
  • Equipartition theorem [r]: A general formula that relates the temperature of a system with its average energies, also known as the law of equipartition, equipartition of energy, or simply equipartition. [e]
  • Henry's law [r]: The relationship between the amount of gas dissolved in a liquid and the partial pressure of that gas above the liquid. [e]
  • Ideal gas law [r]: Relates pressure, volume and temperature for hypothetical gases of atoms or molecules with negligible intermolecular forces. [e]
  • Intermolecular forces [r]: Non-covalent forces between atoms and molecules; often synonymous with Van der Waals forces. [e]
  • Molar gas constant [r]: A physical constant which is featured in a large number of fundamental equations in the physical sciences, such as the ideal gas law and the Nernst equation, and it is equivalent to the Boltzmann constant, but expressed in units of energy [e]
  • Quantum fluids [r]: A fluid consisting of bosonic or fermionic particles; satisfies Bose-Einstein of Fermi-Dirac quantum statistics. [e]
  • Van der Waals equation [r]: An equation of state for a fluid composed of particles that have a non-zero size and a pairwise attractive inter-particle force. [e]