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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Baron Munchausen.
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Parent topics


  • Munchausen syndrome [r]: "A factitious disorder characterized by habitual presentation for hospital treatment of an apparent acute illness, the patient giving a plausible and dramatic history, all of which is false" (Medical Subject Headings) [e]
    • Munchausen syndrome by proxy [r]: "A phenomenon in which symptoms of a disease are fabricated by an individual other than the patient causing unnecessary, and often painful, physical examinations and treatments. This syndrome is considered a form of child abuse, since another individual, usually a parent, is the source of the fabrication of symptoms and presents the child for medical care." {Medical Subject Headings) [e]

Other related topics

  • Commander McBragg [r]: A cartoon character, created by Jay Ward, who appeared in short segments, first on Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales (1963), and then later on the Underdog animated television show from 1964-1973, and on some syndicated prints of Rocky & Bullwinkle. [e]
  • Lucian [r]: Greek writer of satires in the second century AD. [e]