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Akihito (明仁; born 23rd December 1933) was the Emperor of Japan from 1989 until his abdication in 2019. This was the first abdication since 1817, but for the preceding millennium or so this had been normal.

Akihito, as with all reigning emperors and empresses, was never referred to by his personal name in official discourse; the Japanese media typically refer to him as Tennoo Heika (天皇陛下), i.e. 'His Imperial Majesty'. His reign is known as the Heisei (平成) era, and by tradition Akihito will be referred to officially only as the 'Heisei Emperor' after his death.

The eldest son of the Emperor Hirohito, Akihito has three children with the Empress Michiko, including his heir, Crown Prince Naruhito. Akihito was the first Crown Prince and Emperor to marry outside the Imperial Family.

Akihito has a strong interest in ichthyology, the study of fish, and has published on the subject in scholarly journals.