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A brief bio

As a senior citizen, my focus is on what I can do for the community and certainly not on building my career or reputation. To address the idea of conflict of interest, my wife and I maintain the ATransC is a nonprofit research and education organization which is in service to the paranormal community. It does not take precedence over that community and the good health of other organizations is as important to us.

Not being a detail person and needing to work full time while attending college, I made it through college by understanding the concepts. This has continued today, but with the engineering training and too many bad days briefing my bosses, I temper a conceptual focus with a desire for actionable results.

It is important that my contributions to articles are given a more modern bias, as I tend to be a little too abstract. Your help is appreciated.


With my wife, Lisa, I am director of the Association TransCommunication (ATransC) which was founded in 1982 as the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena by Sarah Estep. I am ordained with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC).


Bachelor's of Science degree in electrical and electronic engineering.

Work experience

For the Department of Defense--four years in the US Air Force as an electronic technician (fire control and bomb navigation radar) and Civil Service as an engineer for the USAF Logistic Command. In the telephone company as a telephone systems technician, engineer, long-range strategic planning, network management systems planning, design, acquisition and deployment of network management systems.


My way of learning is more conceptual in that I see systems rather than components and this has made me effective in long-range planning. Although I was told by an early English teacher that I had no business in collage (I was a 23 year old freshman and just out of the service), most of my work career has been successful because of my technical writing skills. It was a couple good professors and my Senior Project adviser that directed my conceptual sense toward writing.


  • My personal website is Etheric Studies, on which a few of my essays and books are available for download.
  • The Cosmology Series of essays explains concepts associated with the survival hypothesis. Because the ATransC point of view is rather different than that held in parapsychology, the hypothesis is referred to as the Trans-survival Hypothesis to avoid confusion. The Cosmology Series link includes an index.
  • I am author of the Handbook of Metaphysics. This is a 1994 effort to provide a context of metaphysical concepts in which readers might be able to better understand the idea of a greater reality.

Past Organization Affiliations



There is No Death and There are No Dead, AA-EVP Publishing, 2003, ISBN: 0-9727493-0-6.


  • Handbook of Metaphysics, ©Tom Butler 1994, Christopher Publishing House, Hanover, Mass. 02339. ISBN: 0-8158-0485-7.

A number of novels that are available in the Book section of my Etheric Studies website:

  • One Who Cares, ©Tom Butler 1996, Northwest Publishing, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah (Publisher is now out of business). ISBN: 1-56901-692-5
  • Two Worlds, One Heart, ©Tom Butler 1995, Commonwealth Publications, Edmonton, AB, Canada T6E 5C5 (Publisher is now out of business). ISBN: 1-55197-053-8