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User:Michael MacNeil

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A self-described "geek, born and raised", of Scotch/Irish descent. His long-standing ambition has been to start a small games and collectibles store. Since this didn't pan out (no business sense), he's instead intending to begin studies for a BA double majoring in English and Philosophy next year, at Cape Breton University in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Following that, he intends to take his Bachelor of Education, and likely continue with night classes while teaching. He'd someday like to be an English professor, but isn't really sure.

His interests include video games, numerous internet phenomena (especially and including the tendency of liberating so many from the shackles of courtesy and common sense). One of his claims to fame is the posession of every video game system released since the NES, and a large complement of games. Yes, even a Virtual Boy, though he still has posession of his retinas too. The walls of his room are almost utterly covered in books, and his laptop's harddrive is packed with more. This gives him the distinct impression he may be able to passionately and accurately comment on matters of literature, at least within his own meandering and eccentric pattern of reading.