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I only accept in order to show that I still support the basic idea of CZ: To build an encyclopedia that offers stable content reviewed by experts (with emphasis on quality instead of quantity). (If these principles should be dropped I would loose any interest immediately.)

I think, however, that in the current situation any elections or referenda, etc., make no sense. The charter was designed with a large community in mind (and has proven to have faults even for a rather small active community). Therefore, I do not promise to be active in administrative matters!

As it is, only emergency measures can save CZ:

  • CZ needs a person who can secure safe permanent hosting and who can organize a public relaunch -- possibly under a new name -- that can attract the right contributors. Unfortunately, I cannot contribute to this!
In case this fails, it should at least be possible to save the complete CZ database in an internet archive.
  • Before CZ opens to public editing, an editorial team has to redesign the site (with technical help) and its organization, including the charter. It has to be clear (in look and feel) that CZ is not a second WP. I would try to help with this work.

See also my remarks in the forum (last year).

Peter Schmitt 21:31, 11 June 2014 (UTC)